Covid-19 and Realtor Globally

New Buyer Match is an innovative idea of the Realtor Globally Group, which was recently introduced in the real estate market. This tool ensures the broker that he will be able to handle any customer request for any property, even if it is not on his list.

This is achieved, thanks to the possibility provided to the broker, after filling in the appropriate form his characteristics at the request of a real estate, to refer to a list of real estate of other -cooperatives with the Group- brokers, which have the desired characteristics. Then, after selecting the property he wants from the proposed list, he sends a “Cooperation Request” to the broker, whose property belongs to his list. If the second broker accepts the above request, the cooperation evolves.

The New Buyer Match is a tool for matching a customer with real estate, which are registered in all the real estate lists of the Group’s partner-brokers. This tool is available to registered brokers of the Group and the properties concerned are those that are in the published lists of the platform.

The purpose of this tool is of a dual nature: on the one hand, it enhances the promotion of the list of properties and on the other hand prevents market marginalization, brokers with a limited list.

How it works

From the homepage of his profile, the broker finds the “New Buyer Match” tab and selects it.

Then he is presented with the form for filling in the information that he should fill in. The first part of the form concerns the customer’s details and the second one concerns the criteria of the property in question.

Customer Details

Regarding the client details, the broker can enter them either by selecting an already registered contact or by introducing a new one. In case the contact already exists, selecting the “Search Existing Contact” button, the following tab appears:

In it, the user can select from the list that appears the name of the customer he wants and automatically complete the process.

In the case of a new contact, then the user selects the “Add New Contact” button in order to display the corresponding form. After entering the necessary details in the respective fields, with the option “Add New Contact”, which is located at the bottom and right of its screen, completes the process of registering a new customer.

The second part of the form, concerns the required data for the property:

Each of the above categories leads to subcategories, which relate to more information and details requested by the customer. Folded lists help the user to fill in the necessary fields automatically, completing the recording.

After the user fills in the details of interest, by selecting the “Show Results” button, at the bottom and right of his screen, a list of properties is displayed, which meet these criteria, as shown, suggestively, in the following image:


Now the user, through this list, has the ability to see the property information by selecting “See Property” and the ability to send “Cooperation Request” by selecting “Cooperate Request”.

Selecting “See Property”:

This option leads the user to the website of the specific property, from where he can see the information and its full description: description of the property, features, location, map, photos and details of the broker.

Selecting “Cooperate Request”:

The “Cooperate Request” option is the next key function of this “New Buyer Match” tool. After the user selects the desired property from the list, he selects the “Cooperate Request” button and the corresponding cooperation form appears.

In this form there is a description of the said property, the terms of the brokerage commission (selected by the broker, who sends the request), the possibility of sending a message to the second broker, as well as the details of the broker to whom the list of the property belongs.

At the end of the form, the user selects “Preview Request” and the preview of the request that will be sent appears. In this request, the information of the property is mentioned, the second broker is given the choice to approve or reject the request for cooperation, as well as the details of the client who is interested in the property.

To complete the request, he selects the “Send Request” button and the request is sent to the second broker, displaying the following message of successful sending.

After the request for cooperation

After the request for cooperation has been sent, now the user can see the pending request in the home page of his profile and specifically from the tab “Existing Buyer Match”.

This request remains pending until the second broker approves or rejects it.

Show request to the second broker

The broker to whose list the property belongs receives the relevant notification in his profile for the request for cooperation, as well as the corresponding form for acceptance or rejection of cooperation.

Initially, the above tab appears with the main details of the identity of the property and the details of the user-broker, who wishes to conclude the cooperation. Selecting “Show Details” displays the “Cooperation Request” which lists the details of the property, the brokerage commission between the brokers, the ability to choose whether to accept or reject it and the details of the broker who sent the request.

If he selects “Accept”, the status of the request changes from “Pending” to “Accept”.

Upon acceptance of the request

Upon acceptance of the request for cooperation, three e-mails are sent automatically from the Realtor Globally platform. Two of them are sent to the brokers and indicate the beginning of the cooperation, the details of the property and the details of the client. The third one is sent to the client in order to inform him about the property of his interest and it only mentions the details of the first broker, that is, the broker, to whom he addressed to find a property.

Important note on financial liabilities

It is especially important to note and emphasize that the Realtor Globally Group, like its websites, has NO financial requirements regarding the commission of the sale or rent in case it is completed, as well as in no other case concerning this cooperation.

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